Roman Walks

Let me guide you along walking experiences through the streets of the Eternal City while I share with you the many curiosities and traditions.
Black and white photo of Saint Peter's Basilica at night

Christian Rome

“How many churches are there in Rome?” With this question, the visits of tourists, art lovers and pilgrims to the Holy City often begin. The number has now become mythical! Churches and Basilicas, with their domes or hypogea, their works of art, their history and their uniqueness, draw the outlines of a powerful and millenary history.

Detail of Trevi fountain in Rome

Baroque Rome

Borghese Gallery, Piazza Navona, Piazza di Spagna, Trevi Fountain and Piazza Sant’Ignazio, the surroundings of the Pantheon with the stories of the Tribunal of the Holy Office. These are just a few examples of an era as rigorous in politics as it is magnificent, and at times irreverent, in art. Meeting Bernini, Borromini, Pietro da Cortona and Caravaggio will be truly amazing!/p>

Archaeological walk along the roman cobble stones on the ancient via Appia

Archaeological Walks

Since the 18th century, people crossed Europe to learn and admire the ancient culture, especially in Rome. Whether it is an archaeological site or individual ruins, the Roman walks thus became a landmark that still today offers beauty and enchantment, just like 300 years ago.

Golden engraved cobble stones in the Ghetto of Rome

The Ghetto and Trastevere

The second oldest Jewish community in the world resides in Rome. Well-liked by Julius Caesar in the first century BC, enclosed by a Pope in 1555, deported by a dictator in 1943. As much identity is the neighborhood of the Ghetto as it is variegated that of Trastevere, among the early Christian undergrounds of San Crisogono, the medieval views in Piazza S. Benedetto in Piscinula and the Renaissance elegance of Villa Farnesina.

Cherry tree in bloom in the japanese section of Rome's Botanical Garden

One thousand tales of Ancient Rome

Stories of ghosts and revolutionaries, of condemned and heroes of the past, the Sack of Rome of 1527, the Botanical Garden with its corner of Japan, the places of San Domenico, the Rome of Alberto Sordi or of the Murals, ring routes in the city center: you would never finish visiting a city of art like Rome!


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