Rome with Kids

Children will learn while having fun, discovering themselves as little archaeologists or great emperors for a few hours of pure enjoyment.
back view on mother and two children while they admire the Colosseum

Colosseum with Kids

If the Colosseum is an unmissable destination, a visit to the Colosseum with an archaeologist-guide will become a truly original experience. A journey through time that with the help of games, visual aids and stories, will make children relive the life of gladiators and emperors. A child-friendly tour that will captivate adults too.

Back view of group of children looking at a room in the Egyptian section of the Vatican Museums on a guided tour with Invisitur

Vatican Museums with Kids

Could one of the largest museums in the world be child-friendly? Absolutely yes! From the Pope’s cars (Carriage Pavilion) to the mummies of the Gregorian Egyptian Museum, to then admire all of Italy from above (Gallery of Geographical Maps) and arrive at Michelangelo’s wonderful frescoes in the Sistine Chapel. Learn, browse, play! Recommended for 7 years.

Children visiting the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in Rome with Invisitur

Leonardo da Vinci

Known to everyone, Leonardo has almost become a superhero for the little ones. It is not easy to find traces of him in Rome, but the Leonardo exhibition at the Palazzo della Cancelleria is a museum which is entirely dedicated to his inventions. The guided tour is divided into 7 rooms, including reconstructed machinery and modern holograms, it will be like entering the dusty workshop of the great Renaissance genius.

hands holding a treasure hunt map

Treasure Hunt

Discover Ancient Rome while having fun! Hunt for details in the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, or chase Egyptian animals and symbols in the center of Rome. And a little gadget for little explorers. Exciting for children, engaging for adults too!

4 children chase each other with balloons during a birthday party at the Circus Maximus Rome

Birthday Parties

We organize birthday parties with games or treasure hunts based on the age of the participants, races in the Circus Maximus, guided tours of archaeological sites, including the Colosseum, or the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the Palazzo della Cancelleria. Possibility of organizing refreshments.


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